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This web site contains the self-study portion of a distance learning course covering the triage portion of the Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment (START) program developed by Hoag Hospital and the Newport Beach Fire Department, Newport Beach, CA. The materials used in this course were adapted with permission.

Registered START students_____________

As a student in a START distance learning class, you will be using a combination of proven learning techniques:

The basic information is presented on this website for self-study. You can go through the material at your own pace using the TENKIDS computer equipment in your ambulance service or your own personal computer. In the program, you will find an exercise that requires a response. You will not be graded on your response, but you are required to send this in. Your response will help document that you have covered the material in the self-study segment, as well as giving the instructor some indications of material that may be confusing for some students.

Electronic discussions
A private conference area will be set up on a WebCT distance learning site. Your instructor will provide information about how to register with this system. After you have registered, you must log on to the WebCT system and read and respond to the messages in the discussion area. Again, this is an important documentation of your off-site learning.

On-site discussions
Your instructor will schedule an on-site class discussion of both the web site exercise and several triage exercises from multiple casualty scenarios. Attendance at this class is required to receive continuing education credit.


This training program contains a lesson plan and other instructor resources in Microsoft Word format. In order to conduct the class, both the instructor and students should be registered with the WebCT system. Instructions on how to register are available in the lesson plan.

Because the number of instructors familiar with the START system is limited, the materials are designed for a remote instructor. The materials can be used with the TENKIDS video conferencing equipment placed in Montana’s ground transporting ambulance services. If you are not part of the Montana TENKIDS ambulance system, the materials can be adapted for other presentations.

If you want to find an instructor who can conduct the START training or if you need information about adapting the material for other presentations, please contact Jeri Pullum.


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