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Who should give?

The General Public
Each and everyone of us has been, or will be, touched by an emergency medical service provider at some time in our lives. It may be a competent and caring nurse in a helicopter, a compassionate physician in the emergency department, a well trained prehospital EMT or Paramedic, or a firefighter trained as a First Responder who assists in getting a loved one out of a crumpled motor vehicle. The actions of these personnel and the response of the overall system to each and every emergency can make a difference between life and death, suffering and comfort, productivity and dependency. If you or your family have already been touched by the EMS system then you know that you need to support the efforts of these courageous and caring people. If you have not yet been touched by the response of an ambulance, emergency department or trauma center you, or someone close to you, will at some point in the future.

Health Care Professionals
If you are a rural health care provider you know the value of strong evidence upon which to base system and individual decisions. You realize that educational offerings in rural areas are often very limited and that getting away to the "big city" for training is sometimes impossible without leaving your facility or community at great risk from understaffing. You have, probably, also come to believe that health promotion, coupled with disease and injury prevention, is the best medicine. CIT shares your beliefs with you. Rural EMS needs a vehicle to keep the issues that concern us in the forefront. Whether those issues are related to rural data collection, distance learning opportunities, patient care applications or effective prevention strategies. CIT is keeping the issues of rural emergency care at the forefront.

Why you should give?

A gift to the Foundation is an opportunity to be an active partner in CIT’s ongoing achievements in research, training and prevention. Your gift will help CIT help EMS providers, particularly those that practice in rural areas, to be better prepared for their jobs. Your gift will help improve the care that your loved ones might receive in their time of greatest need. Your contribution to the CIT Foundation is an investment in research, training and prevention initiatives that advance the science of emergency medical care.

The Critical Illness and Trauma (CIT) Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to improving rural emergency medical care.  

Through its activities, CIT strives to reduce risks and improve the well-being of residents and visitors in rural areas and increase the knowledge and skills of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals who care for them in times of emergencies.

Thank you for supporting the CIT Foundation!

Contributions to the CIT Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization,
are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law


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Cash Reserve Fund   Funds directed to this account are essential to our current and future existence as they cover operating expenses above and beyond those supported by grant and contract funds.

Endowment Fund   Income from this endowment fund provides for key programs, equipment and personnel. Currently, the “Montana Tax Credit for Endowed Philanthropy” is a great opportunity for C and S corporations, partnerships, LLCs and estates to make outright gifts to qualified endowments and receive a Montana Tax Credit of 50% of the present value of the charitable gift up to $10,000. Ask us or your accountant about this time-limited opportunity!

Building Fund  The principal and accumulated interest of this fund will be used for the construction, purchase or perpetual lease of a building to house the CIT Foundation and other non-profit entities. It will provide a technology-based environment that will allow non-profit organization to bridge the growing digital chasm.

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