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Last Updated: 11/14/03

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CIT is a private non-profit organization whose focus is on improving outcomes for people who become suddenly ill or who are injured in rural areas of the U.S. and around the world. We are staffed by a unique blend of individuals who come from a variety of academic and experiential backgrounds but share a common passion for the preservation of rural life. CIT is a highly collaborative organization, believing that answers to health care challenges in rural areas will not come in isolation but in cooperation. We are governed by a world class board of directors who guide and support the activities of the organization. CIT is a non-membership organization that relies on grants, contracts and private donations to continue its mission.

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CIT History ~
Founded in 1986, the non-profit Critical Illness and Trauma (CIT) Foundation has dedicated itself to the Prevention of injury and illness, Research into rural injury and illness and Training for rural emergency medical care providers. Collaborating with public and private agencies regionally, nationally and internationally, the CIT Foundation has achieved remarkable success.

Our Mission ~
To improve the general well-being of those at risk for, or affected by, critical illness or trauma by facilitating the evaluation and dissemination of existing and emerging health promotion strategies in prevention, emergency care and recovery.

Our Vision ~
The Critical Illness and Trauma Foundation is committed to preventing emergencies and improving the outcomes of suddenly ill or injured persons by:


Incorporating advancing technology into medicine, while maintaining a balance between such technology and humanity;
Enhancing research and data analysis to promote evidence-based strategies that will optimize the provision of health care;
Creating education and training opportunities to benefit both the providers and recipients of care.

CIT strives to improve public wellness,
operating in a manner that will maintain the public trust.

Critical Illness & Trauma Foundation
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