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Last Updated: 09/23/02

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CIT Staff Members

President and CEO
Nels Sanddal oversees all research, grants and projects for the CIT Foundation, assists other states with management of federal EMS projects and is a frequent conference speaker. Nels writes and directs video projects, as well as developing, writing and editing reports, presentations, proposals and training materials. Nels has been involved in EMS since the 1970s and has held many state, regional and national positions in organizations furthering EMS causes, including president of the Intermountain Regional EMS for Children Coordinating Council and core faculty for the Development of Trauma Systems Training Programs for the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. Nels is a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician-Basic, volunteers with a local fire department, and has been involved with the CIT Foundation since its inception. He holds a MS in psychology and is currently pursuing a PhD in health services. Back to CIT Staff

Associate Director of Research & Prevention
Teri Sanddal has a variety of duties with the Critical Illness and Trauma Foundation. Teri holds a bachelorís degree in psychology and Native American Studies from the Montana State University and has completed a graduate fellowship in Injury Prevention with the Indian Health Service, and injury prevention institutes at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Michigan. Teri has conducted and assisted with several research projects and edited regional and state reports on injury rates, injury prevention and trauma system development. She has contributed to numerous publications and has made presentations on issues of injury prevention at state, national and international forums. Additionally, she is responsible for CITís bookkeeping. She is an advisory board or oversight committee member for a number of projects, including: the Tri-State Rural Collaboration for Domestic Violence, the "Stay on Top" drowning campaign and the Five Rivers Chapter of the American Red Cross. Teri is the IRECC president and a Nationally Registered First Responder. Back to CIT Staff

Office Manager
Andrea Stieg is instrumental in setting up and maintaining the TENKIDS electronic community and provides technical support for the users. Additionally, Andrea has provided on-site training to end users of the system. She is responsible for the logistics of scheduling sessions for installing, upgrading and training at the more than 100 TENKIDS sites in Montana and is an associate project director for the interactive desk top video conferencing project. She manages the office and CITís library resources, as well as scheduling and organizing meetings, training workshops and conferences relating to CIT projects. Andrea holds a bachelorís degree in speech communication with a minor in political science from Montana State University. Back to CIT Staff


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